We have showcased 11 artists so far;

* Erica Gray 

* Vadim Rostov 

*Leigh-Ellen Roundhill 

*Carolyn Perry 

* Karin Black

​* Phresh Ink Boys

*Mikki Campbell

* Anita Ferguson 

​* Milada Theron 

* Yumiko Kigoshi 

​* Vicki Ford 

​* Helen Pearson

*Angela Buckley

All very unique and different having their own individual style. 

"Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on"  — Albert Einstein.

Supporting Local Artists...

Also on our Want Jewellery Facebook page we have a 2.7ct black diamond up for grabs! look at our facebook page for competition details


We also have a tumblr blog which we regularly update with everything jewellery related. 

Our latest blog is on our recommendations of how to insure your jewellery.

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Want Jewellery Art Gallery has become a reality after moving into our new showroom - With vast amounts of wall space (our total space being 100 square metres), we decided to open up our walls for local artists to showcase their work as we understand how hard it is to break into this industry. We have received such an overwhelming response from such talented artists.  

We run exibihitions in 10 week blocks and celebrate each exhibiting artist with our unique A.I.R (Artist In Resident) Day. The A.I.R Day gives the general public an opportunity to find out first hand from the artist, an insight to their art, by having them here to answer questions about their work.

Want Jewellery Art